Asbestos Audits, Reports/Registers

Our Asbestos Inspections will provide you with a management plan and register. It will show you where asbestos is located on the property, what condition it’s in, and when & what actions might need to be taken.

  • Testing of samples is performed by a 3rd party laboratory in Brisbane to ensure complete impartiality & accurate results.
  • For commercial properties, once compiled and completed, we hand deliver reports to the occupants so they have copies on site at all times & can answer questions or concerns they may have.
  • This report also contains a sign in register for any tradespeople or staff who may carry out work on the property.
  • Our price includes ALL samples and testing, regardless of how many samples are taken. It also includes supplying & fitting of all warning & hazard signage as is required by Workplace Health & Safety.
  • Our register & management plan fully complies with Workplace Health & Safety requirements.

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